Campaign management

Planning your marketing activity, tactics and budgets for maximum return comes naturally with Clarity Go.

You can analyse the behaviour of target audiences and measure responses instantly. Results are presented in simple graphs and you can see the profitability of campaigns within minutes, knowing how much quote opportunity has been created and what the sales team converted into orders.

Clarity Go filters your data into new lists at the click of a button, allowing you to focus on the right decision makers, the hottest leads and effectively position your business in the right markets. Create new activities for paid search, display advertising, events, direct mail, telemarketing and more, pinning each one down with a unique campaign cost.

The flexibility is there to edit and structure Clarity Go around you, giving you total control of your marketing needs and offering a platform to scale with confidence.

Utilise the tools to reach wider audiences, attract the right customers and grow your business through tightly controlled online and offline campaigns.

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