Go Marketing

Generate more leads!



user / month*

Marketing representative
  • Contact Management
  • Data Cleansing
  • Target List Builder
  • Campaign Management
  • Email Marketing
  • Email Automation


Build stronger relationships!


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Business owner representative
  • Contact Management
  • Data Cleansing
  • Target List Builder
  • Shared Diary
  • Activities
  • Sales Pipeline
  • Sales Opportunities

Go Quoting

Quote anytime, anywhere!


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Sales representative
  • Contact Management
  • Data Cleansing
  • Target List Builder
  • Diary and Activities
  • Sales and Opportunities
  • Price Lists
  • Unlimited Quotes
  • Invoices and credit notes
  • Digital Sign Off

Combine any number of these to get a bespoke package tailored for your business

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Need a franchise, multi-company or multi-site system?

Ask us about Go Enterprise


  • Web forms
  • Enterprise sync capability
  • Enterprise sync capability
  • Extra 5 from / reply to addresses
  • Extra email address on different domain
  • Boost 20,000 emails £250
  • Boost 50,000 emails £500
  • Aditional marketing login
  • Email template design
  • Extra 5Mb image storage

*All per user products require a minimum 12 month contract

Support representative

Frequently asked questions

What do I need to download to get started?

Nothing! The system is cloud-based, which means you log in through a web browser from wherever you are with no software stored on your computer and no local servers required. You can run your business with just an iPad or laptop, for example.

Does the system work on tablets, Macs and Windows desktops?

Yes, you can use any of those. And as you log into Clarity Go through a web browser such as Google Chrome or Apple Safari you gain the flexibility to move from one device to another and carry on where you left off, giving you the freedom to work anywhere.

Can I combine the modules together for more functionality?

Yes, the system is designed to be expanded to meet your growing business needs. For example, you could buy Go Quoting first and then add Go Marketing in the future, or buy everything you need straight away.

How many users can use the software?

There is no fixed limit on the number of users who can use it. User licences can be purchased for different functionality too, so for example you could have 10 people licensed to use Go CRM with two of them also licensed to use Go Marketing.

Is there a limit to the number of contacts I can import?

No, it‘s unlimited but if you are looking to import more than 100,000 contacts we suggest speaking to us first for advice on how to best manage the import.

I use Clarity Professional MIS - can these systems work together?

Yes they synchronise data together using our Flash Sync technology, meaning you can be using either system and the compatible information will automatically pass from one to the other in a flash.

Is there support available to help me?

Yes absolutely! We have Live Chat available through our website and you can call us on +44 (0)121 248 2448. We‘re here to help you get the most from Clarity Go!

Still unsure?

We have friendly advisors waiting to help you live!

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