New quoting power

Clarity Go offers you a choice of how to prepare your quotes and estimates using pricing wizards, on-the-fly entry and product assembly options to give you more power.

Clarity Go brings a new electronic pricing structure to your business that is easy to maintain and can be updated at anytime. Winning business is easier when you can build shared, consistent price lists and send accurate quotes to customers in an instant.

Raise and edit professional quotes on site for all types of job, exceed customer expectations with your streamlined systems and generate instant sales opportunities, with no more time wasted back at the office.   

Track all version history and revisit previous quotes efficiently, creating repeats in a flash. Log all your diary activity and access your contacts on the go. By working flexibly, you’ll never miss an opportunity again.  

Accurately producing quotes for complex jobs is simple and all your logged information is available at the click of a button. Take the office with you, wherever and whenever you need it, with Clarity Go.

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Powerful quoting with flexibility to specify all types of job