Online surveys and events

With Clarity Go you can create simple, efficient survey forms to gather data for magical campaign ideas that could run all year round.

A survey is about gathering information, listening to your customers and reacting to their wants and needs. You could create customer satisfaction surveys, competition entries, feedback forms, or maybe collate internal suggestions and information.

Our user-friendly online surveys combined with segmented contact lists allows you more time to generate the creative flow of ideas, create pioneering campaigns and engage customers. And all from one dynamic system, so you know your data is always up to date.

Event registrations with email autoresponders

With Clarity Go, setting up and managing events has never been easier. Simply create a campaign, add a new event using the Web Forms suite, include details, and publish a link for your target contacts to register. We even utilise an integrated Google Maps feature so you can specify the exact location and provide links to view the venue.

Throughout the whole process you have complete visibility of registration and attendance, so following up with precise personalised messages and optimising turn-up rates is simple.

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Survey and event software for gathering research, feedback, webinar registrations and more